Legong Dances

Join us at 8pm for dinner every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for our Traditional Balinese Legong Dance Display featuring two beautiful and uniquely different styles such as: The Welcome Dance (Tari Panyembrahma), The Flower Dance (Tari Sekar Jagat), The Bird Dance (Tari Cendrwasih) and also the traditional Tari Kasmaran and Puspanjali dances. 

Tari Panyembrama (Welcome Balinese Dance), The Welcome Dance – Tari Panyembrama is one of the most popular dances in Bali. It is performed to welcome the guests by showering their path with flower petals and at the end of the dance the smiles of the Panymebrama girls is meant to show our hospitality and the friendliness we wish to convey to honor our guests and charm the audience.

Tari Puspanjali, The name of the dances is derived from the Balinese for flower “Puspa” and admiration “Anjali” and is a welcoming dance directed at our honoured guests. Usually danced by between 5 and 7 beautifully made up and costumed women the dance is meant to symbolize the respect and regard with which we hold each and every guest coming to Bali. The dance itself is inspired by “Rejang” a Balinese ritual and through smooth and dynamically graceful  body movements is meant to show the strength of our honour and depth of our beliefs. The dance is relatively modern and was created in 1989 by N.L. N. Swasthi Wijaya (art director) and Nyoman Windha (music director).

Tari Sekar Jagat, Also a relatively modern “Traditional” Balinese Dance the Sekar Jagat is usually danced by female dancers. The term “Sekar” means fragrant flower and “Jagat” is our word for universe, taken together is should symbolize The Dance of Fragrant Flowers Throughout the Universe .The symbolism should depict our peaceful world as flower that is also decorated with flowers.The Sekar Jagat dance was created by Swasthi Widjaya Bandem and the Gambelan music (Balinese traditional music) was composed by Mr. I Nyoman Windha in 1993

Tari Kasmaran, The Kasmaran dance is meant to depict in a humorous way the joys of young girls approaching womanhood and the trials and tribulations, crowned with joy of their first love.

Tari Cendrawasih, Dance of the Birds of Paradise:  through exotic costumes and dramatic makeup this dance describes the beauty and elegance of birds of paradise on the island of Lombok and in the mountains of Irian Jaya. Duets danced by female dancers; although the basic dance steps are common in all traditional Balinese dances, many of the poses and movements of this dance have been developed specifically to show new forms and styles and have been customized especially for this dance. The intricate costumes and makeup can take up to two hours to apply and are an integral part (although unseen) of the show. This dance was created by N.L.N. Swasthi Bandem Wijaya (also as a fashion and style director of the dance) to honor Festival Foundation Walter Spies. Stylistic percussion accompaniment is care of I. Wayan and Nyoman Beratha Widha from 1988.


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