Don’t miss your warm night with your family or your best couple and friends that accompanied by live music and a variety of the best food and drinks only at the Lezat Beach Restaurant while waiting for a beautiful full moon night. You can book for table on Call or Whatsapp messages to :081246707078 – […]

Balinese Rijsttafel (Megibung) “Megibung, the tradition of King Karangasem’s inheritance which was carried out after the end of the traditional ceremony, some groups of 4-8 people sitting cross-legged were close together. In the midst of serving rice mounds and side dishes on a tray. They eat mouthfuls for an orderly sip. The meal was interspersed […]

This afternoon Lezat Beach Restaurant makes something unique and different, Megibung is a very unique tradition and needs to be maintained and introduced to the people outside Bali and Lombok islands especially to foreign tourists so that the philosophy and meaning contained in it is not lost and remains a value major in every civilization, […]

Hello, Good morning everyone..Have a nice morning with a cup coffee 😀 We want to announce about our Charity Concert that take theme about ‘Mother Earth Acoustic Concert’ and will be support by guest star Mo Joh.. The event will be start on Friday, 10 May 2019 in the Lezat Beach Restaurant – Candidasa, Karangasem, […]

Gimlets juxtaposed with magma, our mainstay cocktails that are made to cracking our some secret recipes that make our best food this week, which are Crispy Duck Wangi, Classic Roasting Pork and Grilled Balinese Chicken with best balinese sauce combine with fresh vegetables