Balinese Rijsttafel (Megibung)

“Megibung, the tradition of King Karangasem’s inheritance which was carried out after the end of the traditional ceremony, some groups of 4-8 people sitting cross-legged were close together. In the midst of serving rice mounds and side dishes on a tray. They eat mouthfuls for an orderly sip. The meal was interspersed with small talk. This is the Karangasem-style eating culturecalled megibung. The megibung tradition began in 1614 Caka (or 1692 AD), when one of the Kings of Karangasem, I Gusti Anglurah Ktut Karangasem, fought to conquer kingdoms in Sasak (Lombok). When the soldiers took a break, he made a meal rule called megibung. Until now the megibung tradition is still being carried out in Karangasem and Lombok, and has become the pride of the local community. Megibung is full of unique values ​​and rules. In megibung, large amounts of rice are placed on top of the pan that has been coated with tamas. One serving of rice gibungan (rice and side dishes) enjoyed by one group is called one sela. In the past, one interrupted must be enjoyed by eight people. Now one can be enjoyed by less than eight people, such as 4-8 people. Megibung is full of together values. In megibung in general there is no difference in sex or color chess. One interrupted member, for example, can consist of men and women, or a mixture of groups. This shared value has been proclaimed since the days of I Gusti Anglurah Ktut Karangasem, and has become a tradition today.

Source: Wayan Sunarta (

2 PERSON – IDR.165K/Person
4 PERSON – IDR.150K/Person
6 PERSON – IDR.140K/Person


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