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Tourism Office Regency Feat BPC PHRI Karangasem Held Discussion About Tourism and Promotion Strategies

Great morning with the spirit vibes, thank you for entrusting us to be a place for discussion about tourism and promotion strategies to make it successful in the future, hopefully it can be beneficial for positive developments in the other side of goverment and add the good insights of participants, see you soon here again…

Serve with Proudly for Indonesia Republic Anniversary in Lezat Beach Restaurant

Thank you to the guests, tour leaders, staff, trainee staff, management and all parties who participated in the ceremony and anniversary of the Indonesia Republic on august 17th august 2019, hopefully we can always improve, and serve better for you all.

Fullmoon Eve Party

The best way to enjoy the sunset, take a dinner with you friend and family or someone that you love. See you again in the next event.