Your Own Private Beach Wedding Party

by Romantic Long Jetty Candle Light

After the wedding is over it’s time to choose the right place for the most important part – THE CELEBRATION, of course! Where could be better than “Verges” our exclusive and very special venue, your very own peninsula pushing out into the Indian Ocean.

Your guests will be talking about this for years to come and you will have lasting fame for the inventiveness of your choice of place and time – “Verges” and Bali, what a combo!

You provide the reason (and of course, the budget) and we will do the rest – food and drink, entertainment, be it live dancing and/or band. We will do everything in our power to make your event memorable! Because, simply – that’s what we do,


Since you’ve chosen Bali to have your celebration we will include as much of the wonderful Balinese culture as possible in the decoration, lighting and atmosphere – incense, decorative artistic flower inlays and mandalas, beautiful candles and sweet  music will fill the air with sweet songs and fragrances.

Many of our former guests that have experienced our wedding party service have insisted that I should be called “Mr. Romance” in honor of the feeling that I have my staff have managed to bring to this joyous but meaningful event – but for all of that I believe it should still be fun!

We  look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Wedding …

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