Romantic Restaurant


We promise to present to our many customers excellently prepared cuisine from locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality and taste in the relaxed and traditional atmosphere of our well known beachside location – Le Zat is Where it’s At Le Zat Restaurant has been created to be a true representative of Balinese Culinary heritage – stretching back centuries, with its unique history of creating distinctive flavours from combinations of the hot and spicy uses of chili peppers, shallots, ginger, garlic and the more mild ingredients of the coconut’s cream and crisp flesh with turmeric, ripe tomatoes and the cornucopia of unique Balinese fruits and vegetables such as the Mangis (mangos teen), Mangos and Jack fruit to name but a few. Couple all this with the finest and freshest of ingredients like locally sourced meat from controlled and certified butchers to freshly caught sea food and shrimp delivered daily by local fishermen and you have a recipe calling for added notches to the belt.

We at Le Zat are well aware that good food alone does not make up the entire culinary experience so we have done our homework and market research (it was a tough job but someone had to do it) to bring our guests some of Bali’s best loved wines and spirits in our fresh fruit cocktails along with the usual international favorites and a selection of icy cold beers from local Indonesian and Balinese breweries. We have also created a selection of Balinese fruit juices such as our “Muscle Juice” which will fortify you with a mixture of banana, ginger and oranges for that tough day ahead or to recover from the tiring day just gone by you might want to try our Le Zat Juice a combination of fresh, ripe pineapple with vanilla ice cream and succulent mint leaves.

Our entire menu along with the exotic daily specials have been created with the love and enthusiasm only to be found with true professionals like our Chef. So if you have any special dietary needs or something you would just love to have made then please feel free to ask our chef to come out of his kitchen and discuss it with you.

To finish off the successful dining experience we do one of the island’s best Black and White Chocolate Brownies with scoop of Vanila Ice Cream, – and we do say so ourselves. Of course our large selection of other deserts is worthy of mention but the Chocolate and White Brownies is the real crowd pleaser at Le Zat and accompanied by a local Bali Kopi (coffee) or perhaps a cappuccino or latte made with European Illy Coffee prepared by our very own Barista makes this a final high-point of your day to remember.