Berita bagus buat komunitas motormu, yang mungkin sudah merencanakan perjalanan di hari minggu ke timur Bali, nih paket terbaik buat kamu. Ajak sebanyak mungkin anggota komunitas motormu dan party bersama kami dengan protokol kesehatan standar. Syarat dan Ketentuan : Makan seafood di Lezat Beach Restaurant Air minum dingin – Spesial es teh manis Handuk adem […]

Let’s Join our Lezat Beach Restaurant which is located in Beachfront of Ashyana Candidasa Resort, just 5 Minute drive to Tenganan Traditional Village, and 20 minutes drive to Padang bai harbour, offer special packages for who want to learn about balinese food and prepare for your Lunch or Dinner, the Cooking class can start any […]

Let’s try the taste adventure with a variety of the best menus, processed with fresh and rich, the typical taste of the Seaside Restaurant plus well-standardized hygienic and sanitation and always prioritizes cleanliness of the ingredients that we use, only at Lezat Beach Restaurant, also big parked areas for your vehicles, get the best price […]

Pelatihan Pengembangan Soft Skill Sumber Daya Manusia – PT. Perumda Tohlangkir Kab.Karangasem yang dilaksanakan di Lezat Beach Restaurant dengan protokol kesehatan. Share to your friend or family and will see you here

Terimakasih sudah memilih @lezatbeachrest sebagai tempat beristirahat sekaligus makan malam untuk para peserta program Implementasi Protokol CHSE yang tetap menerapkan protokol kesehatan di destinasi wisata yang telah dikunjungi. Tujuannya adalah melihat bagaimana kondisi dan penerapan protokol kesehatan pada DTW serta melakukan promosi di dunia digital agar tetap ada kontribusi positif terhadap geliat pariwisata. Bagi masyarakat […]

Such a wonderful yesterday, we’re visited by Asix Family (Mr.@ananghijau, Mrs.@ashanty_ash, Ms.@aurelie.hermansyah, Mr.@azriel_hermansyah, @queenarsy & @arsya.hermansyah) Hopefuly all of you enjoy on our little venue with the tasty unique food from our hot kitchen and this thing will be memorable frame everytime you visit Bali. Have a wonderful holiday after here Share to your friend […]

Buat kamu para RIDERS dan BIKERS seluruh Bali yang sudah tidak sabar ingin SUNMORI lagi, nih ada paket spesial dari kami untuk melengkapi perjalanan kamu ❤️ Share ke seluruh komunitas motor dan mobil yang kamu tau yaa ❤️

This is the special gift that you can give to your lovely couple or family and friends. The sweet moment to bring romantic vibes into your heart. Come and enjoy with Us with some special food and cake with the seaside view, romantic candlelight on the jetty and natural wave calling that can heal your […]

“Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, and smart but lack courage. With rich imaginations and sharp observations, they can take advantage of various opportunities well. In Chinese culture, rats represent working diligently and thriftiness, so people born in a Rat year are thought to be wealthy and prosperous”. We share the joy and happiness in the special […]