Gimlets juxtaposed with magma, our mainstay cocktails that are made to cracking our some secret recipes that make our best food this week, which are Crispy Duck Wangi, Classic Roasting Pork and Grilled Balinese Chicken with best balinese sauce combine with fresh vegetables

So surprise! Today we are collabs to holding a meeting with the National Narcotics Agency organize a socialization program for rehabilitation and post-drug rehabilitation, hopefully with this activity the community will become more aware of the consequences of drugs and ways to cope and help victims of drug abuse.

So glad today our restaurant is full, thank you for the Family Trip from Kemenpar who has entrusted Lezat Beach Restaurant to be the place for lunch stop over also thank you in the visit of bloggers from abroad to recover Bali tourism after Mount Agung Eruption effect.

For those who are curious about the Indonesian cuisine, Le-Zat Beach Restaurant offers a cooking class on the beach with fresh air and the sound of the wave. In the cooking class activity, guests will be first taken to the traditional market to directly see the activity of local people there. Then they will be […]